With decayed, damaged, or missing teeth, dental crowns can be a beneficial restoration. It is a very common restoration and can improve even the most flawed teeth. The shape, color and function of your tooth is improved with a dental crown, and if you have an implant, a dental crown can complete your smile.

Dental crowns also serve many purposes for our dentist and can be used to:

  • Further protect a tooth after a root canal treatment
  • Support a dental bridge
  • Improve a misshapen, fractured or impaired tooth
  • Complement your smile’s appearance

In general, a dental crown (or cap) has multiple uses and can repair a number of different problems. If you would like to arrange a consultation at Dillon Family Dental to see if dental crowns in Dillon, Montana, can improve your dental health, please call our office at 406-683-2550.