Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, regardless of their lifestyle choices or activities. For example, those participating in recreational or sporting activities may be at risk for oral injuries. However, dental trauma can strike at any time. No matter the reason, you can always contact Dillon Family Dental for emergency dental care in Dillon, Montana.

An emergency includes any situation in which you require prompt dental service and attention. We also understand that it is impossible for you to know when you may need care from our dentist, so we are dedicated to making our office available to relieve the pain or discomfort of an emergency. Dr. Spencer Hughes can treat many types of emergencies, including:

  • Lasting, intense toothaches
  • Teeth that have been knocked out, chipped, or broken
  • Injuries to any oral structures, such as the tongue, cheeks, lips and gums
  • Missing dental restorations, such as fillings, crowns or bridges

If you are experiencing any of these issues, please call our office at 406-683-2550. Our team will answer any questions you have and may also give you care instructions to alleviate your pain until you are able to come in to our office. However, if you have any neck or head trauma, we encourage you to visit your physician or the nearest emergency room.